Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Princeton University

New Students

Dear all incoming Princetonians from China,

~~ 欢迎 歡迎 Welcome HuānYíng ㄏㄨㄢㄧㄥˊ ~~

First of all, congratulations for making it to Princeton! We know how competitive it is to get the offers and you all did a great job! Princeton is such a beautiful place and you are all going to love it!

We are ACSSPU (Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Princeton University) — the official organization for all Chinese students and scholars here at Princeton. Every year, we organize a multitude of events and activities for Chinese students, especially for new students. We sincerely hope that we can make you feel warm and comfortable in our Princeton community.

Before coming to Princeton, there are two important issues we would like to address here:


1. 新生与访问学者接机服务




2. The Princeton Survival Guide (普林生存手册)

Waking up in an entirely new country, with new customs, cultures, languages, and people can be overwhelming and confusing. Trust us, we have all been in your shoes. The Princeton Survival Guide is written to help smooth your transition to Princeton University and the United States. With any luck, you will be less confused when you first come here, and hopefully you will one day be able to call this place your home away from home. Please click here to download the latest version.