Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Princeton University

New Students

Dear all incoming Princetonians from China,

~~ 欢迎 歡迎 Welcome HuānYíng ㄏㄨㄢㄧㄥˊ ~~

First of all, congratulations for making it to Princeton! We know how competitive it is to get the offers and you all did a great job! Princeton is such a beautiful place and you are all going to love it!

We are ACSSPU (Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Princeton University) — the official organization for all Chinese students and scholars here at Princeton. Every year, we organize a multitude of events and activities for Chinese students, especially for new students. We sincerely hope that we can make you feel warm and comfortable in our Princeton community.

Before coming to Princeton, there are several important issues we would like to address here:


1. Airport Pick-up 2014 [已结束]

Welcome to Princeton! As your fellows, we are really delighted to help you settle down at Princeton. Currently we are actively preparing for new student pick-up in fall 2014. If you would like to have us pick you up at the airport, please click here to fill the form with your flight information.

NOTICE: We can only guarantee pick-ups at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR, Strongly Preferred) and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). We strongly recommend that you avoid JFK International Airport (JFK) due to uncertainty in traffic conditions at New York City. Also, please make sure that you submit this form 10 days before flying (the earlier the better), so that we can have enough time to process your request.


请注意: 我们目前只能保证给到达纽瓦克机场(EWR)和费城机场(PHL)的同学提供接机。我们建议大家尽量避免选择纽约的肯尼迪机场(JFK)降落,因为复杂的路况会给接机的同学带来大量的负担,可能导致无人接机。为了让我们能有充分的时间安排,请至少在到达日期时间10天以前提交信息,越早越好。


2. Beijing / Shanghai Table 2014 [已结束]

As a way of better preparing you for your life at Princeton, we will have a get-together for newly admitted Chinese students in Beijing and Shanghai separately. During the get-together, you will meet Chinese students who have been here at Princeton for at least one year and you can throw them whatever questions you would like to ask! Food will be provided.

Currently we are actively preparing for Beijing and Shanghai Table for 2014 new students. Both of them will be held on Jun 4, 2014. Beijing Table will be held at 东来顺饭庄(五道口店), and Shanghai Table will be held at 金时代顺风大酒店(西藏中路店). To sign up, please click here.


目前我们正在积极筹备2014届北京、上海的新生聚会。两地聚会都将会在2014年6月4日举办,Beijing Table地点为东来顺饭庄(五道口店),Shanghai Table地点为金时代顺风大酒店(西藏中路店)。希望参加的新生同学,请点击这里报名


3. The Princeton Survival Guide (普林生存手册)

Waking up in an entirely new country, with new customs, cultures, languages, and people can be overwhelming and confusing. Trust us, we have all been in your shoes. The Princeton Survival Guide is written to help smooth your transition to Princeton University and the United States. With any luck, you will be less confused when you first come here, and hopefully you will one day be able to call this place your home away from home. Please click here to download the latest version.



4. Contact Information

We have a public page on Renren, important notice and valuable information would be posted on this official page. Further more, active users and rich online activities are waiting for you! Never hesitate to add this public page on your watching list!

We have a QQ group (Group ID: 175751187) for 2014 incoming students. Please feel free to join the group to know more future friends at Princeton! Make sure you include your name and major information in the application message when joining the group.

Also, please send an email to with subject “Newsletter Sign-up” if you would like to receive our weekly newsletter about our events on campus. Please also put your name, your department at Princeton, and your hobby and any special skills into the email, so that we can get to know your better!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting with you in the fall semester!



如果你想收到我们每周发送的ACSSPU通讯(ACSSPU Newsletter),请以“Newsletter Sign-up”为标题发送邮件至。欢迎你在邮件中包含你的姓名、录取专业以及兴趣爱好等个人信息,以方便我们更好地了解你。

更多问题、意见及建议,请点击Contact Us与我们取得联系。我们在美丽的普林斯顿等待你的到来!