Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Princeton University



The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Princeton University (ACSSPU) is a student organization at the Princeton University representing students and scholars with Chinese origins within the Princeton community. Our members include over 400 students, visiting scholars, faculty and staff on campus, and many friends living in the Princeton township.

Our missions are:

  1. To serve all Chinese students and scholars at Princeton University on campus as well as within Princeton community in terms of their life, study and research needs;
  2. To host all kinds of social, intellectual and cultural activities for the overseas Chinese students and scholars;
  3. To promote cultural exchange between Chinese and non-Chinese people.
  4. To advance the exchange between the Chinese community at Princeton University and that of other schools;
  5. To promote the understanding between the academic community and local Chinese residents at Princeton;
  6. To introduce Chinese culture to the entire Princeton community as well as the academic society in greater New York area.


Every year, ACSSPU hosts events including New Students Orientation, Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, Spring Festival Gala, Spring/Autumn/Winter Trip, Sports Competition, as well as many other interesting activities.


Among these activities, the annual highlights are the Spring Festival Gala and the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. Besides bringing the homelike atmosphere to the overseas Chinese students on traditional festivals of family reunions, these two events have also attracted Princeton alumni, scholars and students from fellow universities and local residents to participate. They have become great opportunities of entertainment and social networking.


In addition, as the Chinese language is becoming one of the most popular foreign languages at Princeton University, ACSSPU also organizes and co-operates events, such as the Chinese opera, Chinese table at Communiversity, etc. These events aim at offering a good platform for non-Chinese students to study Chinese languages and experience Chinese culture at Princeton.


No matter where you are from, no matter what your nationality is, if you are interested in joining our events, please sign up to our email list by writing to titled “newsletter sign-up”. You will receive our newsletter regularly and thus keep updated with all the wonderful events ACSSPU presents!

We sincerely welcome you to join our big family of ACSSPU!




  1. 为普林斯顿大学的中国学者和学生的校园和社区生活提供包括生活、学习和科研等各方面的支持和保障;
  2. 组织具有社会、思想和文化意义的各种活动,丰富华人学子的海外求学生活;
  3. 加强普林斯顿大学中国学生学者和其他邻近大学的交流;
  4. 促进校内学者和学生与地方华人华侨的联系;
  5. 向普林斯顿社区以及大纽约地区介绍中国文化。

我们的年度主要活动包括新老留学生交流会、中秋晚会、春节晚会、春游秋游冬游以及体育比赛等。其中, 中秋晚会和春节晚会是本会的两大特色活动。晚会一方面在祖国亲人阖家团圆之际,为普林斯顿的海外学子营造回家的气氛, 另一方面更吸引了众多校友以及其他学校的中国学者和学生参加,在联欢之余,起到了为本地区的中国学子建立社会关系、 增进相互感情纽带作用。无论你来自哪里,如果你希望加入我们的活动,请以”newsletter sign-up”为标题发送电子邮件至,加入我们的通讯录。我们会定时(通常每个月) 给通讯录成员发送简报,邀请各位参加我们的活动。